Bamboo Plant Decor

The bamboo plant is an important feng shui symbol and known to bring good luck qualities. According to feng shui, the lucky bamboo brings prosperity and fortune to those who keep it. Bamboo plant is a very powerful feng shui element for your indoors as well as a decor item.

bamboo plant

The luck bamboo only needs to have new water once a week and doesn’t need sunlight or any other requirements to survive and be healthy. It is a strong plant, which could live for many years by just having its water replaced. This plant is also visually attractive. It is of a jade color and is strong yet flexible. The lucky bamboo plant brings lively chi energy into your home. Is also ideal for business or for any strategic places indicated by the bagua map.

Meaning of the number of bamboo stalks
The total number of stalks in your Lucky Bamboo arrangements is very significant.

  • 1 = Simplicity and a meaningful life.
  • 2 = Double luck, happy relationships; good number.
  • 3 = Good for prosperity and fertility. If used with a curly (money) stalk in the middle, it means wealth. Very popular.
  • 4 = Academic achievement, creativity, writing, Romance
  • 5 = Happiness, good and balanced luck in all aspects of life. Very popular.
  • 6 = Easy money, wealth, good flow of luck.
  • 7 = Good luck and prosperity in relationships.
  • 8 = Good luck and fertility. Very popular.
  • 9 = Good health, prosperity and love life.
  • 10 = Completeness and fulfillment in life.
  • 11 = Good all-around luck. Very popular

Where to place bamboo plant?
The placement of the bamboo plant within your home is of great significance if you want to use Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui. The Eastern section of your home represents family in Feng Shui, so can place a Bamboo plant with three stalks in this area. If you want to invite wealth into your life, the plant should be placed in the wealth area of your home, that is the Southeast.

Bamboo plant should represent five elements 
 To use Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui, the plant must represent all five elements of Feng Shui: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The bamboo stalk represents the wood, and the water it is grown in obviously symbolizes the water. To represent earth, grow the bamboo in mud or rocks. To represent metal, choose a ceramic vase that has a coin on it or a simple glass vase. Either glass or the coin in your ceramic vase represent metal. Finally, tie a red ribbon around the vase to represent the fire element.


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