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Excellent Designs of Wall Mounted Desks for your Home Excellent Designs of Wall »

Wall-mounted desks are very useful for style as well as for convenience. Especially for those who live in [...]

Bench Style Dining Table Sets for your Home Bench Style Dining Table Sets »

Check out these wonderful bench style dining table designs for your dining room. You can change your [...]

Metal Sofa Cum Bed Designs for your Bedroom Metal Sofa Cum Bed Designs »

Well. Tired of wooden furniture? Then go for metal furniture which is the latest trend now. You all are [...]

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Vastu Shankh Yantra »

Vastu Shankh Yantra

The Vastu Shankh Yantra is a powerfully charged conch shell, filled with metallic substances and can paly a vital role in vastu corrections of a house or [Read More]

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Crystal Clusters Crystal Clusters »

Crystals are used in feng shui in various ways, all with one main purpose - to create [...]

Feng Shui Coins Feng Shui Coins »

In Feng Shui, one the most popular symbols which is considered to be a good fortune [...]

Feng Shui Frog Feng Shui Frog »

Feng shui frog  is the most significant symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui. Frogs have [...]

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Swag and Jabot Style Curtains For Modern Homes

Swag and Jabot Style Curtains For Modern Homes

Swag and jabot style curtain offers a very attractive and royal look to your bedroom and living room interior. Swag and jabots can be mounted in different ways : single, double or triple swags for your curtains.  Swag and jabot style curtains need heavy fabrics to prepare and only one type of fabric is used to drape over a rod to form both swag [...]

Amazing Styles of Planters

Amazing Styles of Planters

Planters are a wonderful way to add an attractive appeal to your homes, offices and other areas. Garden planters offer a beautiful look to complement a front patio or entrance to your home. Wooden and wrought iron planters have always been a popular choice. The different types of woods, the different finishes, the artistic carvings on these [...]

Bed Skirts for Beds For a Decorative Bedroom

Bed Skirts for Beds For a Decorative Bedroom

Bed skirts are the perfect way to decorate your bedroom in a stylish way. Bedskirts change the look and feel of everything around and create a luxurious appeal of the bed and the bed room.  Bedskirts are also referred as dust ruffles and the main functions of the use of bed skirts are to hide the box underneath the bed and whatever may be stored [...]