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How To Clean Dishwashers

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to clean dishwashers. There are many ways to clean your dishes. Dishcloths and dishwashers don’t need to be damaged, so these guidelines will help you make your dishes look amazing again. You should not have any problems keeping your dishes looking great even after they have been cleaned.

To clean your dishwasher, you must first remove all food from the pans and bowls. First, unplug your dishwasher and take out the base. Next, remove all food and grease from the dishes. Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom and place it in a dishwasher-safe container. Run a hot cycle.

Spraying the outside of your dishwasher and the filter areas with commercial dishwashing detergent is the second step. In case food debris is stuck between the filter and the outside, you may need to use half the amount of detergent that you used originally. The extra detergent will get food particles out of the filter, and into the sprayer. Once you have cleaned the outside and interior areas of the dishwasher filter, scrub it with your sponge.

Draining the drain trap is the third step in cleaning your dishwasher. Turn off the dishwasher’s water supply. To clean the drain trap, first use a drain trap cleaner. Next, empty the trash can and then fill it with the commercial dishwashing soap solution. You can then turn on the dishwasher and clean the interior.

You can add half a cup vinegar to one gallon water if you still find food residue in your filter. Mix well. After you have combined the vinegar and water, pour the mixture into the drain. Let it sit for five minutes before starting the dishwasher again. After the vinegar has sat for five mins, you can run your dishwasher with only water. The food residue will be completely removed once the rinse cycle has begun. To prevent any grease or grime buildup, close the dishwasher door.

To remove any remaining residue, mix a quarter cup vinegar with one gallon water. Continue to scrub the bowl vigorously. After you have cleaned the entire bowl thoroughly, rinse off the countertop and any other areas where the cleaner might have been. After thoroughly rinsing the bleach solution, rinse it under running water. Dry the cleaner with a clean cloth. It will look brand new again!

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