Wall Mounted Aquariums

wall mounted aquarium
wall mounted aquarium

 Wall mounted aquariums are available in varied sizes. The use of aquariums has become very popular as a home desor. If there is space constraint in your home or office , one best optiion is to opt for wall mounted aquarium. Wall mounted aquariums take up no floor space, and are also a good way to keep children’s little fingers out of the tank. They are widely seen in hotels and big malls and commercial areas. The use of wall aquariums has also become popular in residential home for their beauty. Moreover keeping an aquariuin is also considered a good vaastu symbol and also good for relieving stress and anxiety. Wall mounted aquariums come in a number of sizes. So as per your room sizes, you are sure to be able to find one. Installing a wall mounted aquarium is also very easy. Just locate the wall studs and follow the included instructions. Most people hesitate to get a wall aquarium thinking that the cost will be high. But in reality, the actual cost of installing a wall mounted aquarium is in theory no more expensive than purchasing and setting up a free standing aquarium. They attach to the wall by means of the bracket and nuts, bolts provided in the package. They work in exactly the same way as a standard aquarium using lighting filtration and the regular maintenance.

Some Benefits 

  • One main benefit is they take up no floor space at all. So you don’t have to worry about moving things around to make room for your
  • You can have your Design your room around your wall mounted aquarium. aquarium built into your wall to act as a partition between two rooms, which allows you to view the aquarium from both sides, rather than one.
  • Usually, wall mounted fish tanks are hung at eye level, which makes it much easier to watch and enjoy your fish.
  • With standing aquariums, you always have to worry about them being tipped over which is not the case in wall mounted aquariums.



Some Disadvantages 

  •  There are some disadvantages to have a wall mounted  aquarium versus a regular fish tank. One such disadvantage is that if you purchase a fairly small wall mounted tank, your fish may not get the oxygen they need due to the reduced surface area limiting the amount of air flow through the tank..
  • Oxygen is only added to the tank by gaseous exchange, the smaller the surface area the less gaseous exchange takes place.
  • Wall mounted aquariums may also require more tank maintenance than a regular tank.

Selection of fish 

 Your selection of fish may be limited depending on the size. Some of them do not have the thickness to accommodate large species of fish, so take that into account when making your decision. Many wall mounted aquariums are about the same thickness as a plasma television, but can be built to your specifications. You just need to be aware of the space limitations when choosing your tank, and if you prefer to have larger fish, select a wall mounted aquarium that will allow sufficient space to accommodate their needs.

The golden rule is that the width of the tank should not be less than the length of the adult size of the fish. A 3 inch fish should not be housed in a wall mounted aquarium that is 2 inches wide; the fish will not be able to turn around.




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