Unusual Home Office Furniture

Are you tired of the same old look of your office furniture with row after row cubicles, wooden partitions in between, combined with black chairs and PCs ? Its time now to get a complete makeover of your office. Let your boss know what you are looking for to make you more enthusiastic towards your work. And please dont go for that same dull, gray, drab, and uncomfortable look. Presenting before you some unusual creative designs in office furniture that can brighten up your office.

Trey chair: This looks like an ordinary office chair at the first look. But it is not. There are two distinct pieces that can come apart and be used separately. The seat becomes a low rocker, while the wheeled base becomes a tiny table or comfortable ottoman. A multi-functional chairs where you can go from working at a desk to working low to the ground with a laptop table in just a few seconds.

Bookinist chair: This is basically a portable chair that just has book storage space built in, with a hidden compartment for storing reading essentials. There is an attached reading lamp to help you to study even in low light. This awesomely unique chair is ideal to kept in the office library or conference room and also in any room of your home.

Treadmill chair: In many cases, your job profile is such that you have to sit on the office desk for hours doing your work and thereby you gain weight. Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has done extensive research and has found out that workers can lose 57 pounds in a year if they do nothing else but walk at 1-2 miles per hour while working on their computer. This particular chair is a simple way to keep in shape. The treadmill workstation comes in a stationary design that lets you go from walking to sitting with just a few adjustments.

House on the table: At times your are highly disturbed in your work by by the constant noise around you, the lack of personal space, and the frequent interruptions by your colleagues. This piece of furniture is suitable for those whose job requires high level of concentration and research. If you can convince your boss to let you get this excellent piece of furniture, your privacy will be restored. The House on the Table is quite literally a house on a table. It’s like a cover that fits on top of your desk and gives you your own little space inside your office. Just imagine how fun it would be to hold a meeting in this small playhouse office.

Adjustable office chair: This looks like a dentist chair, isn’ it? This is actually an adjustable work station that allows users to adjust the tilt of the chair and monitor. You get a adjustable chair that provides a relaxing work environment.

Conference bike: The Conference Bike is a fun way to take the office outside. Pile your members on and take a ride around the office park while continue with your office discussions and debate. Here seven people sit and pedal while one steers. And you enjoy your meeting ride.

Bookshelf couch: Another impressive offering. This is a multipurpose furniture piece. The back is a bookcase, while the front features a couch, pull-out footrests, storage drawers, fold-down tables, and even some cute lamps. The table is ideally sized to keep your laptop . The whole thing is on wheels, making it a easy to move from one room to another.

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