Tips on Candle Decoration in Festivals

It is an integral part of your celebrations to use candles and diyas for the decoration of your home. Ranging from colourful aromatic candles to beautiful floating candles, you can use a wide variety of candles to decorate each and every corner of your home during any festive occasions . Here is some interesting ideas for Candle Decoration , which you can include as a part of your home decoration in festivals.

Candle holders and aromatic candles

Stylish candle holders decorated with aromatic candles can be placed on the tabletops of your living room can add magic to the decoration of your entire living room. Aromatic candles can also be used as centerpieces to serve as the primary piece of decoration during festivals. But do not place aromatic candles on your dining table as aroma from these candles can spoil the natural odour of the food items.

candles in living room

candles in living room

Use of waste products

You can use waste products to modify them into exquisite candle holders and place them attractively at different part of your home during occasions. You can paint the unfilled cans with some vibrant colours after cutting open the lid and then hang them at the dark corners or place them on the floor along the doors of your room. You will be delighted to see colourful figures filling up the walls and floor of your room.

Use of colourful covers

On the top shelves or up over the cupboards in your rooms you can place some candles and use coloured glass objects to cover these candles. See that you have a wall across the room so that when the candles are lit you can see the light falling on the wall adding an enigmatic feel to the entire lively atmosphere. Wherever you put the candles keep them on clay plates. This will prevent the molten wax from spilling down.

Use of terrace or garden

You can also beautify your terrace or your garden with decorative candles during any festivals but undoubtedly without causing harm to the plants. Colourful candles when lined up in a row along the border of your terrace or your garden look fabulous especially when looked at from some distance.



Use of single or clusters of candle

In some of the parts of your home you can light up big candles or can decorate your rooms with candles arranged in clusters. Entrances can be aesthetically decorated with these types of candle decoration. You can also place mirrors across the parts of your home which you are choosing for candle decoration to amplify the charm of your rooms during festive occasions.



Try these smart ideas for decorating your home with candles and impress your loved ones as well as your near and dear ones.

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