Small Space Shelving Units

To store your books, CDs, and other essential coomodities require a good storage space. Why not a make a beautiful shelving unit your ideal storage space ? Shelving today has becoming an art in itself. There are lots of creative ideas.You can make your shelving unit both decorative as well as functional. A small area can turn up into a good storing space provided you know how to do it. Corners, stairways, closets and even doorways are nice locations in a home to stash books and other stackables we need to keep around. Presenting before you some of the best small space shelving solutions: great ways to get the most out of whatever space you have. The following photos are great examples of how creative you can become with shelving.

The Corner Tree: You can easily use the corner of your room. Use this nicely curved shelve in a criss cross pattern, Ideal to store decorative objects, CDs and books.

corner tree shelf

Ceiling Shelves: A beautiful way to display your books kept nicely organized. The overhead space is ideally used as shelving unit.

Stair Shelf: Nicely installed in the sidewall of your stairs. Can be used to store books. Or you can use it to store shoes.

Folding Bookshelves: Like a paper fan, these folding bookshelves can open and fold away vertically when not in use.

Corner Spinning Shelve: You can use a spiining shelf in the corner of your room where where you can store books, papers and other knick knacks.

Drawer Staircase: Each step has its own drawer.

Wall Mounted TV Shelve: The clean appearance of this wall system works well with the modern AV equipment , and even provides room for a few components or decorative accessories in a very compact area.

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