Popularity of Antique Furniture

When we talk about antique furniture, we refer to furniture that dates back to 100 years or more than that. It is said that the older the furniture, the more is its value. Antique furniture is actually a collector’s item of interior furnishings of considerable age. Often its age, rarity, condition, utility, or other unique features makes a piece of furniture desirable as a collectors’ item, and thus termed an “antique”. However it is a true fact that all aficionados of such furniture may not all be able to afford original antique furniture. 

The popularity of such antique furniture has led to the boom of the Antique Reproduction Furniture industry in India. In such a case, the idea is to manufacture new pieces of furniture having the antique styles and colors so as to make them look like real antique. Naturally these antique reproduction pieces of furniture are more affordable for the average man.

In modern times, there is great demand for antique reproduction and there is a wide variety to choose from. Such type of furniture covers a wide range of styles, designs, types and historical periods.

The following features are important when determining the age, authenticity, top quality and really worth or price tag of antique furniture:

Color and Patina: Patina could be the glow of the wood right after years of accumulation of wax polish and dirt. A wealthy subtle color is also a vital characteristic of antique furniture.

Proportion: A disproportionate piece of furniture may effectively be a “compositions” of different components from distinct furniture.

Construction: Before the late 17th century, furniture was made making use of mortise and tendon joints and pegs had been handmade.

Problem: Tend not to ignore pieces with marks or blemishes because the wood has not been damaged. A good restorer can undo surface spots. Antique furniture in its original pristine condition is really worth the highest cost.

Alterations: Altered furniture is often much less desirable than the original piece. Telltale alterations consist of huge pieces lowered in size, freshly cut surfaces, plugged holes, repositioned handles and so on.

Antique Furniture

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